Our services for converting industry:
design, realization and production of dieboards

Tecnolaser provides a wide range of services to ensure the smooth execution of the workflow.
Current needs impose fast achievements as well as maximum precision during production phases and support for makeready.
Our team guarantees high quality standards and also overall post production support.

  • Design & realization of dieboards for converting industries
  • Design & realization of dieboards for PVC and plastic materials
  • Dynamic and standard stripping tools production
  • Hot print foil cliches and embossing / debossing cliches
  • Braille and Bobst AccuBraille® steel cliches
  • Pertinax counters
  • Milled steel plates
  • Boxes and displays project design
  • Consulting and Braille translation
  • Cutting makeready
  • Printing film
  • Plotter samples
  • Standard and Bobst AngleLock® blanking tools
  • Packaging engineering