Customized solutions for converting industry.

Tecnolaser provides complete services and products for converting industries: dieboards, clichés, processing and laser cutting, dynamic stripping tools, blanking tools, counters, milled steel plates, Braille steel plate.
Pragmatism, precision and adaptability at customer service.

More than 10 years... young!

Our know-how is in continuous development. Our curiosity and our desire to grow lead us to look for new solutions. We are a company with large experience, always pointing to excellence and believing in research and development: a fresh and winning mentality that enabled large development and strengthening relations with our customers.

Adaptability and versatility

Our products respect all technical specifications of diemaking machines manufacturers.
Tecnolaser follows a policy based on customer total satisfaction, suggesting solutions that enable them to optimize their workflow through adaptability and versatility.

Attention to detail

We can offer an accurate service for each particular detail.
For this reason we work alongside your company also providing inspections, assistance and on-site makeready consulting. All this to ensure total accuracy, support and attention to detail which are essential aspects to be winners today.

Perfect joint of professionalism

A united, dynamic and reliable team experienced in the problem solving of the converting industry.
Tecnolaser guarantees qualified staff support for each customer's need.